Staging Your Home

Staging Your Home

Now that you have decided to sell your home it is best then to consider ‘staging’ it so that it looks its finest.  In order to receive the highest possible price, consider transforming your space using some easy expert tips that costs little to nothing at all.

The main focus of staging your house is so the prospective buyer can ‘imagine living in the home’. First impressions count.  Start with decluttering and depersonalizing each room. Start packing your items in boxes and remove excessive photos, toys, and other personal items that distract the tentative buyer when viewing the home. Neatly stack the packed boxes in a corner in the garage. Also, remove items from the kitchen and bathroom countertops to make the areas look neat and clean.

Additionally, new paint in rooms that most need it is something to also consider.  Neutral colors work best.  Touch up other areas that need it the most.  

Clean, clean, clean.  The fresher and cleaner the home the better staged it is.  Consider hiring a professional company to do a deep clean which covers everything from curtains to blinds, and from wall to wall.  

View model homes to know how best to rearrange furniture.  Professional builders stage their model homes to best suit the buyers eye.  Tour one of these or take a virtual tour online to get the best layout design.

Finally, do not forget about the exterior of the home.  Pressure wash, mow the lawn, cut back the shrubs, and possibly mulch for that neat and clean look.  The neater the exterior the better!

Staging your home for the best possible price for what you have to offer is a good idea when listing your property.  Contact Miller and Associates for more tips on staging or to have an agent come do a walk-through with you so that we may start the process to list your home!

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