Six Ways To Market Your Home

Six Ways The Experts Say to Market Your Home

Do you have a home to sell? Are you in the business of investing in real estate? When it is time to put your property on the market, you need proven real estate marketing and advertising techniques to sell sooner rather than later.

We'll discuss six ways you can make sure that your property receives the maximum visibility when advertised for sale online.  

Find ways to stand out

While you may not go to the same extraordinary lengths that one Texas real estate agent did, Today says that finding an excellent way to separate your house from the rest of the market is crucial.

The Texas broker thought it would be great publicity to use a dinosaur costume to drum up interest in one of his homes for sale. You may not want to employ an advertising technique this outrageous, but finding some way to differentiate your listing is the key.

You might highlight some of the nearby attractions, talk about lush green spaces, or give potential buyers a bird's eye view of the home using aerial drone photography for the best results.  

Use a photographer who knows real estate

While snapping a few pictures here and there may seem like no big deal to you, the truth is that poor quality photos could hurt your listing more than you help it.

The photography needs to be at least as good as, if not better, than most other homes advertised for sale online. By hiring an expert photographer, you get better angles and the chance to show off your house in the best and most attractive way possible.  

A professional photographer understands how to use the camera to get the wide shots, adjust for proper lighting, and selecting the best photos to make your home look like the beauty it is.

Standing out means capturing a unique feature or characteristic of the property that potential buyers will fall in love with. Find something worth sharing, and spread it like wildfire.  

Make a video

When you go above and beyond still frames, there is an excellent chance that you will have people studying your home listing. A video gives web browsers a chance to tour the home, especially when they live in another city or state.

Not every buyer is local. Some people buy homes online without touring the property. If you would prefer to have a digital video, there are many ways to use both common and specialized cameras to create 3D and virtual tours of the house.  

A 3D tour can be augmented with virtual reality to allow buyers from all over the world take a virtual stroll through your house using the increasingly popular 3D glasses that can be connected to most standard smartphones.

Both methods are spectacular tools for selling a home. Also, as mentioned before, using aerial drone photography is a growing and popular way to showcase a home, along with the immediate surroundings.  

Blog about it

Another way to build interest in a property is to write about the home, the community, favorite local events, nearby attractions, and any other topic that might interest someone moving to the neighborhood.

Homebuyers want to know which parks are closest, how many grocery stores are within a mile of home, and what local entertainment venues are the best.

When you write about your house for sale, you can use it to hyperlink to the listing, which drives more traffic to the real estate site. The more people see your property online; the more likely some of those individuals will share your property listing, blog link, or open house information.  

Use social media

Besides blogging, you can share your pictures, links, and videos on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google. Just like linking your property listing to your blog page, connecting social media outlets to your for sale page can skyrocket your visibility.

When you live in a popular area, a tight market, or have unique upgrades; then people will share your pictures, posts, and links with others that have an interest in buying a property.

Facebook is one of the most popular sites, with seven out of ten marketers using this platform to advertise, according to the Data and Marketing Association (DMA)

Email is still a viable way to market homes for sale

We cannot forget about one-on-one correspondence. Your property management firm or broker should have a robust local network of contacts that can help you get the word out that you have a home to sell. Email is still an incredible way to connect with your target audience.

Forbes says that you can build interest in your property fast with a spectacular mail campaign. The best part is that you can use the same list of contacts for future sales. Even if they are not ready to make a purchase, they may know of someone in the market to buy a house.  

Proactively promoting your property by sharing the listing on social sites and personal pages will help you get more visibility when selling a house. By using proven tactics and finding ways to differentiate your property from the rest, you can drum up interest and get people sharing your listing.

If you regularly sell homes, then you may be able to offer a reward, or referral fee, by referring someone that ends up buying the property. Little incentives can often go a long way.

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