Market Report: Boardwalk Beach Resort

Market Report : Boardwalk Beach Resort

Boardwalk Beach Resort is in a great location, with it’s own on-site restaurant & bar. This resort has much to offer, which is most likely the leading reason as to why unit sales are looking so great at this resort. The condo is mostly made up of 2 bedroom units, but also offers 1 and 3 bedroom units as well. As your real estate experts at Miller & Associates Realty, when we saw this trend we felt obligated to inform our clients about this property before it’s too late. 


1 Bedroom Statistics 

Average Sale Price - $255,133.00

Average Days On Market - 83

Square Footage - 750


Boardwalk doesn’t have many one bedroom units to offer, which is why the units sold in the last 12 months went for nearly 96% of asking price on average. They also were on the market for 83 days, which is a little below average for highrises in our area. For being 1 bedroom units, these condos have quite a lot of space. There were 3 additional 1 bedroom units listed in the last 60 days. This surplus of availability makes it easier to negotiate a better price for buyers. Call us today and make a great real estate investment. 850-249-6655


2 Bedroom Statistics

Average Sales Price - $378,679

Average Days On Market - 57

Square Footage - (1182 & 1380)


Boardwalk is mostly made up of 2 bedroom units, which makes them the most readily available compared to their 1 and 3 bedroom counterparts. With that being said, the 2 bedroom units have only been staying on the market for an average of 57 days in the last 12 months. These units are going incredibly fast, especially if you take into account that the average real estate transaction takes 30 days to close, putting these units truly on the market for only 27 days before going under contract. There have been 3 recently sold listings in the last 2 weeks, and with only 3 units currently listed, opportunity to become an owner may be slipping away. These units don’t stay on the market long, give us a call today if you are interested. 850-249-6655


3 Bedroom Statistics

Average Sales Price - $572,500

Average Days On Market - 110

Square Footage - 1986


With the 3 bedroom units’ price point making for such a slim target audience, the units aren’t really expected to move very quickly. Yet their average days on market stands at 110, only around 20 days longer than average for highrise condominiums in our area. These 3 bedroom units weigh in at an incredible 1986 square feet as well, making for a very spacious rental for your guests, or during your own stay. 


The Bottom Line

As you can see, most of Boardwalks units sell quickly and close to asking price, 96% of the asking price on average in fact. The condo offers great amenities, and even parking on the same side of the street so you and your guests need not worry about crossing the street or long walks to get into your unit. Condominiums have been fantastic real estate investments for years, especially in Panama City Beach, and Boardwalk is no exception to that fact. Give us a call today, we would be more than happy to show you Boardwalk units for sale, or give you up-to-date sales information on any other condominiums you might be interested in. You can reach us by email at, or by phone at 850-249-6655

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