Fall Property Maintenance

As we approach the changing season, you should consider preparing and protecting your home from the harsh weather that could possibly do damage to the overall life of the structure.
Maintaining your home with these simple tips will not only extend the life of the different systems but also extend the life the infrastructure. Whether you hire a contractor, or whether you do it yourself, conducting these  seasonal maintenance tips is really important.  

Start by checking the roof. Clean out gutters and make sure there is no debris lying around. Check for leaks and other damage with the shingles or around the chimney for any possible repairs. Having your chimney cleaned is also a wise choice. Also, make sure water is draining away from the home and that moisture is not doing damage to the interior. Secondly, make sure all plumbing is working properly. Check around toilets and under sinks that there are no leaks and also check faucets for dripping water. Higher water bills can be a sign that there is water leaking somewhere. Thirdly, the heating/cooling system is also important to have serviced yearly. Having the HVAC system flushed out maintains the system from clogging and causing serious problems. Next, exam all electrical outlets for anything that may be loose or dangerous, caulk around all doors and windows to save on heating and cooling bills, insulate any pipes to prevent freezing, check smoke detectors, and finally, make sure you have a fire extinguisher.  

These important tips for fall maintenance can extend the life of your home and its prevailing systems  and can prevent damage and prevent higher water or electrical bills. Plumbing, heating,
electrical, and the outside structure of your home can be well maintained either by a professional
or by yourself. Investing a little time and money into the home also protects the value of it. Any home maintenance extends the life of the systems and brings a return on your investment. For further information on home maintenance or to schedule an appointment to list your home contact one of our agents at Miller and Associates and we would be glad to assist you in your needs. Preparing your home is important in the  sale process.  

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