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How Driverless Cars Will Affect Real Estate

How Driverless Cars Are Affecting Real Estate

Transportation and property have been closely linked since the beginning of time. Throughout all history, the prices of real estate have been driven largely by the development in the transportation industry. This close relationship will be tested with the arrival of the driverless cars. How will the real estate industry be affected with the mainstreaming of autonomous cars? These modern vehicles are already purring their engines on the horizon. They are poised to impact everything in their way – including the real estate industry. Here are the things we could expect if autonomous cars continue their advance.

Cost of construction will drop

Since transportation is closely tied-in with the delivery of goods and materials, with the mainstreaming of driverless cars, it is expected that constructions costs will dramatically drop. With the reduction of the cost in building structures, the values of properties will also have a corresponding drop. Driverless vehicles will enable workers in the construction industry to concentrate their activities on other building tasks. This will come at a time when there will be an increase in demand for new residential housing construction. Because of the impact of autonomous vehicles on the real estate industry, it will take some time before prices of real estate properties will start to appreciate again.

There will be fewer gas stations

There are some predictions that say there will be fewer gas stations when autonomous cars are accepted into the mainstream. This will leave existing gas stations free to be reclaimed for other real estate purposes. Records indicate that there are about 125,000 gas stations in prime real estate in the United States. They will no longer serve their original purpose and will be a target for those who can think of other ways to monetize them. New real estate technology must be prepared for the coming of driverless...

How Virtual Reality is Transforming Real Estate

Virtual Reality is Transforming Real Estate

Technology has encroached in all areas of your life more than you have ever known. Now it is even changing the landscape of the real estate industry. You have known about virtual reality for some time now, right? It has been used to entertain people in many ways. For instance, many people have toured different countries and even deep space virtually using VR headsets. Perhaps you are one of them. With VR, it’s as if you are there personally visiting different places.

Photos And 3D Models Are Passé

The real estate industry, with so much at stake, has to utilize this new real estate technology and let go of the old tech which is too bulky and cumbersome. In the past, architects and construction engineers have to create actual 3-D models of their creations in order that their clients who want to buy a home or a building would be able to properly visualize what their future homes will look like. The work involved here is too difficult and time consuming. Now, with virtual reality, architects and building engineers can build the perfect model of their creations, not only to be rightly seen, but more importantly to be immersed in. Yes, with VR, you can enter the home or the building that is actually still on the drawing board and feel that you are already inside and enjoying it. That makes the job of a real estate agent who is selling a house or any property easier and faster. And if that is not transforming, what is?

Immersion Is The Name Of The New Game

With VR, the game in the real estate industry has already changed. It is no longer just photos, drawings, 3-D models, and so forth. In fact, these old tricks of the trade are slowly being carted off in the back burner. And the culprit is virtual reality because it offers something that these old tools can never provide: immersion. With the old technology, if you want to buy a home or a building, a sales agent will give you at best a 3-D model of the home for sale. The size of that 3-D model would be about 0.10 percent of the actual size of the house. That would be comparing the size of a squash to a small pea. With the 3D model, you have a representation of what your house...

Getting Your Home Ready For Sale! Quickly and Affordably!

Getting your home ready to sell

One of the biggest misconceptions of homeowners who are trying to sell their property is that they need a ton of money to improve its appeal to potential buyers. The truth is some ways can help make your home look better, and not harm the bank at all. Here are some ideas that can improve your chances when your home goes on the market:  

Achieve a Stronger Curb Appeal

They say that first impressions last, and just like everything else, you only get one chance when selling a house. Potential buyers looking for their dream home typically give an average of 50 seconds for the home to impress them.   Enhancing your curb appeal does sound like an expensive activity. It involves things like adding fresh mulch, decluttering your landscape, painting the front door, and changing light fixtures. With the right plan though, you can perform these to-dos to increase the appeal of your home from the outside – and they cost from $0 to $199: Sweep the area, especially the front part of the house. Add a nice doormat at the home’s entryway. Make sure that entry light does not hang loose and look dirty. Paint the front door and caulk it if necessary. Remove all the weeds in your yard. If there are bald spots in the lawn, use a seed patch mix. If your mulch or rock areas appear messy and dirty, spruce them up by purchasing a few bags to match the existing material.   Real estate agents have identified curb appeal as one of the top factors affecting a buyer’s decision. It is crucial to tidy up every part of the house.  Buyers hope to see green grass, weeded flower beds, and a clean entryway. It’s subtle touches like this that help convince the buyer they’re choosing a good home.  

Cleaning and Decluttering – Like You Have Never Done Before


Is Hiring a Professional Moving Company Better Than Moving Yourself?

should you hire a professional moving company?

Should You Use a Professional Mover?

Whether you are buying a new home on the 30A highway or selling your family home you may be able to relate to the stress having to pack up all your belongings and get them to the new house, now might be the time to call in a professional moving company.’s First Time Home Buying Guide says that making the decision between a moving company and renting a truck to move yourself are two of the most common choices people have to make when moving. At first glance, renting a moving truck may seem like the best way to save money however, it’s important to consider the added stress and exertion, and while the initial cost may seem like you are saving money there are many hidden costs you could be overlooking.  

People look at the daily rental cost and think that they are getting a bargain but forget to include things like toll costs, the cost of fuel, packing boxes and materials, and most importantly, the cost of their time. When taken into account, renting a moving truck isn’t always the best bargain.   

Packing is More Challenging Than You Realize

Packing and moving a home full of stuff is labor-intensive if you decide against hiring a moving company, you are going to need some help. This means calling in favors from friends and family. If you don’t have too many belongings and nothing is particularly valuable or fragile you can probably trust your friends to do the job. However, if you have a house full of irreplaceable or breakable items to transport, you might think twice before getting your friends to do the job.

Good friends are not necessarily good movers and are not insured for damages that are during a move. If your best friend drops your flat screen TV, chances are you are not going to sue them to replace it. A professional moving company can save you a lot of stress and you might even be surprised at how affordable they can be.  

A professional moving company will give you a free estimate, and carefully analyze each room of the house to give you an accurate assessment of what it will cost to move you to the new house. The moving company will provide the boxes, the truck, and more importantly,...

New Listing - Sugar Beach Condominium

Check out this new listing! Sugar Beach Condominium is one of a kind community set along Thomas Drive. Check out the video in the link to further see this beautiful 2 bedroom 2 bath condominium.


Magnolia Bay Club in Panama City Beach, Fl

Nestled along the bay off of Thomas Drive, Magnolia Bay Club is a tranquil community many people love to call home. If you're looking for condo living, or a single family home dwelling Magnolia Bay is sure to please you! The community offers a beautiful setting over looking the bay with an abundance of amenities. Residence in the community are promised a bay sunrise and sunset either from you condo balcony or the community dock and bay beach area. 

Magnolia Bay Club Condominium is a 10 story condo set with 99 units., offering 1, 2 or 3 bedroom units. Each floorplan offers open concept living and breath taking views. If you are looking for a detached single family home, the community offers 3 and 4 bedroom floorplans. Whether you are wanting condo living or a detached dwelling, each home is finished with granite counters, stainless steal appliances, wood or tiled flooring, and more. With only 64 homes and 99 condo units, this community offers a quant, simple yet beautiful setting for everyday living. 

The amenities offered at Magnolia Bay Club are the leading reason one purchases in this community. As you enter you are met at a well manicured privacy gate to ensure top notch security for your family. The cobblestone paved road sets this community apart from any other, as well as the landscaping that is professionally maintained weekly. The community pool is set bayfront to provide complete serenity. Magnolia Bay includes a fishing dock, kayak and paddle board storage for a minimal fee, a gym, meeting room, 2 playgrounds, and the best yet; 100% pet friendly! There are many pups in the community that have become best friends because of Magnolia Bay Club. 

Contact The Miller Team today for your private tour of Magnolia Bay Club.



1 Bedroom Sunbird condo - Video Tour

Check out this beautiful Gulf front 1 bedroom condo in Panama City Beach for Sale! With breathtaking views this condo is sure to offer you the perfect vacation setting. This floorplan is the largest floorplan offered at Sunbird. The unit also has a Murphy bed in it to accommodate your needs! Looking for an investment property, this is it! Call us today for your private showing on this beautiful unit!
Visit the YouTube link below to further watch our video on this Sunbird Condo!

Sterling Reef Condominium - New Listing

Check out this lovely 3 bedroom gulf front condominium centerally located in the heart of Panama City Beach. Witness the coastline of Florida disappear into the distance with the sensational sunsets you will be viewing from this westernly facing condo. With maximum rental potential with the lock-out , you don't want to miss this opportunity. Call us today for your private showing.  

Check out the Video Tour of this listing!



December Events in Panama City Beach

December Events in Panama City Beach

Some may have the misconception that the town of Panama City Beach, Florida, winds down for the winter months, though this is far from the truth! The area is always bustling with both new events, and events that have been reoccurring for generations. The opportunities for a fun family-friendly time in Panama City Beach seem never-ending. Tourists and locals alike are sure to find something to look forward to in the month of December.

If you’re not already in the Christmas spirit, you will be after coming out to Aaron Bessant Park in Pier Park for An Emerald Coast Christmas! This is a weekend long event (taking place from the 8th-10th) that celebrates the joyous holiday. Serving as a getaway from the hectic holiday stresses, the environment will surely bring you some much needed Christmas Cheer.

There will be lots of excitement on the night of the 9th at 5:00 when the Panama City Beach Optimist Club presents its Christmas Parade! The parade will leave Town Center and travel throughout Pier Park and down the Boardwalk to Front Beach Road! This is most certainly an event for all ages- children, teens, and adults will be sure to enjoy the visuals, music, and so much more!

Quite possibly one of the most discussed events that Panama City Beach has to offer the community is the New Year’s Eve Beach Ball Drop! Come and join with thousands to bid adieu to 2017, and to greet 2018 with open arms at this grand celebration. Taking place on the 31st, the streets of Pier Park will be closed off to traffic as the community enjoys free live music, entertainment, fireworks, and good cheer. For those with younger revelers, an 8:00 countdown will take place where over 10,000 inflated beach balls will be released from nets that stretch over the street. To signal the start of a new year, an enormous glowing beach ball is lowered and is followed by a phenomenal fireworks display. There is no better way to spend your New Year’s celebration than at Panama City Beach’s very own Pier Park!


Sterling Reef

Featuring private beach access, a grand outdoor beachfront pool, and free onsite parking, Sterling Reef Beach Resort is sure to become vacationers new favorite resort. With the convince of being located just 3 miles away from the areas number one vacation destination, Pier Park, Sterling Reef has been rated as the best value in all of Panama City Beach! Guests are sure to get the most out of their vacation while staying at Sterling Reef. This family friendly resort has room types that can range from 2-3 bedrooms and bathrooms, so groups large or small will find themselves comfortable in their furnished, air conditioned units that include free wifi connection. If you’re a thrill-seeker, be sure to check out the on-site water sports facilities and bike rentals. Some might rather enjoy a nice book while lounging by the bi-level pool, or maybe a family cookout in the barbecue area is more of your style. However you wish to enjoy your vacation by the beautiful Emerald Coast off of Panama City Beach, do so in serenity at Sterling Reef. If you are interested in available properties at this resort, please contact the Miller Team at Miller and Associates Realty by calling (850)-249-6655.